Witte Kick

Being involved in it myself, I know the music industry can be rough and expensive. Even with that said, it blows my mind that something like this has to be made. I have no question in mind at all that backing Jamisun would be one of the best decisions someone with the opportunity could take. His talent is unbelievable, i mean the the man is like a legend around here, and at the same time, there’s no one nicer and more humble. If anyone has any doubts of the mans skill, they’ve certainly never seen him do his job. He’s got great marketable music, but this isn’t the kind of stuff anyone and their brother could churn out. Jamisun can write a hell of a hook, and then the man can solo 8 minutes in ways that never get boring. Coming from a fellow musician, that’s something greatly envied upon. Again, go see the man the play a show. You won’t be disappointed.