Rodney Smith

What to say about Jamisun. Not only has he been a great musician/guitarist in Charleston for the last several years, but also a good friend. Describing Jamisun playing guitar is like watching martial artists slapfight. All you see is a flurry of hands and fingers and then you get hit in the face by shredding facemelter of a riff
Will say also, Jamisun was a good friend as well! Let me record some acousitc demos at his house that I still have and had many beers together on Folly Beach! Moving to LA, after having seen some bands out here there is no doubt Jamisun could be at the top in years to come! You got a bro in LA when you get out here! Also, only person I have ever heard pull off a badass reggae version of ‘Nothing Else Matters’ by Metallica~