Paul Nunez

In an industry crowded with pretentious, self-serving people, Jamisun is a breath of fresh air. Anyone that has seen him perform knows his unlimited talent and innovative thinking are boundless. But what people may not know is that he is one of the most genuine spirits not only in the industry but in the community. He is frequently giving of his time and talents and consistently opening the door for other local musicians who rely on this business for their livelyhood. If Jamisun is given a platform to be exposed to people nationally as he is here, he will no doubt achieve tremendous success for himself and all those who invest in him. Why? His talent is a given…but there are many talented musicians out there you say…what sets him apart is the most important asset in any entertainment profession…that asset is “Likeability”. He’s the kind of guy you root for and will do anything you can to help him succeed….buying his CD’s, faithfully attending his shows. I’m very proud of him!