Mandy Todd Bailey

Jamisun is truly a wonderful musician and songwriter. My friends and I came to Charleston for a girl’s weekend, dropped in at Henry’s for a drink or two and stayed ALL night b/c we LOVE Jamisun’s music. He is a guy who truly enjoys his “art” and will succeed. We were amazed by his ability to sing every song we threw out at him (even if no Taylor Swift was sung) and cannot wait to go back and hear him again. Not only is he a talented musician but an awesome performer and one can be sure he will put on an amazing show wherever he goes! As Lindsay stated, we LOVE LOVE LOVE Facade which is an original. “… Just b/c there’s a smile on her face, doesn’t mean that everything’s ok. Just b/c she said she loves that song, doesn’t mean that she wants to sing along…” WE LOVE YOU JAMISUN!!