Bryant Newby

I worked at one of the many spots Jamisun plays in Charleston and have seen him preform countless times. We always asked him to come back because of his ability to not only draw people in to the bar but also to keep people there. I can’t tell you how many times he has turned a not so busy day into a hoppin jam fest. He really gets the crowd into what he’s doing and we had a number of customers that became regulars only on the days that he was playing. I have written music for years and I as well as many others have always been very impressed by the creativity, talent and technical skills that he brings to every preformance. He not only has the energy and positivity to keep a crowd going, he also has the kind of imigination and know-how that it takes to produce a product in a studio that will sell. He’s definately got my vote of support. Rock steady bro!!