Hey man, I do not know if you will actually get this but I feel the need to tell you. I’m currently living in Costa Rica studying Spanish and then working on the river. I have been here about two months and I’m having an extremely hard time. I have lived a life filled with situations I wish I did not live through and things I should not have lived through, from my best friend committing suicide, to supporting myself sense age 15. My life if truly a miracle and every day I live is a blessing I am eternally grateful for. I’m a recovering alcoholic and Envision fest was my first sober festival, ever. I was over worked, home sick, and had not slept in three days when I was about to get fucked up and drop pills. That’s when I heard you playing in the distance. For some reason I walked away and sat at you’re show. I sat in the back and balled my eyes out the entire time. I do not know if it was the words you sang or just the pure raw beauty in the sounds you made with your guitar.”