Kevin Fast

I have seen this guy over a hunderd times, and i’ll go a hundred more. every show is different, but the one thing that stays the same is jamisuns’ commitment and dedication to the art. he is the hardest working musician in charleston. YOU NEVER LET ME DOWN BRO! ROCK ON MY BROTHER. HB

Jami Marcotte

I am a musician myself and I have the greatest respect for Jamisun, I have seen him once and was extremely impressed, more importantly, I play 5 nights a week and talk to people about live music all the time, I have NEVER heard anything but praises for Jamisun, everyone I talk to knows who …

Lindsay Tower

Jamisun is AMAZING!!!! My friends and I have only had the opportunity to see him once so far. He just happened to be playing where we happened to show up one night, and because of him, we had one of the most fun and entertaining nights out EVER. He could play ANYTHING we wanted him …

Paul Dechene

“Saw JamiSun on YouTube and Bounce Around Charleston, a local news station segment a couple of years ago. JamiSun combines memorable vocal melodys with clean, high energy accoustic guitar. You can hear the emotion in his playing. Very nice.”

Breezy Dobkowski

Jamisun has entertained and brought crowds out for nights of music that are incredibly fun and entertaining. His guitar skills amaze me and by the comments of other’s in the auience it’s pretty apparent that most others think. so as well!

Dwayne Thompson II

Jamie, I have known you my whole life. Through you playing music in Atlanta and around my while I grew up you led me to playing guitar as well and winning an international award. Your music is absolutely amazing. The way that you can hit the notes with precision and produce the amazing sounds that …

Tamara Roberts

Jamisun, You are the most talented musician in the Charleston area. We are so fortunate to have your level of talent rock us out in our local hangouts. You gunuine love for music shows every time you play. Keep rockin your going to the TOP!!!

Lefty Williams

What you do on the guitar is spectacular! I’d buy your CD in a heartbeat. You rock bro,

Jennifer Kelly Tai

I love you cause when you sing “Simple Man” it literally brings tears to my eyes. It’s a very special song to me and I can always count on you to sing it for me!!!!! I love you and think you are AMAZING!!!