Ryan Morton

I’ve enjoyed Jamisun’s passion for songwriting and playing one mean guitar for close to 16-17 years and will always be a fan of his originals, Circumstance is my favorite if i had to pick one.

Justin Mackie

If there’s another guitarist in Charleston that plays with half the precision, speed, and (most importantly) passion that Jamisun does, I don’t know a thing about it. If you think the day and age of true guitar heroes is behind us, then you haven’t seen this guy perform. Rock on, dude.

Sam Johnson

I recently got the chance to experience Jamisun’s show and was thoroughly impressed. Was a big fan of the original material. The talent and passion are definately there

Sandy Laskey

What can i say about a jamisun show its not just a guy and his guitar its an experience his covers are phenomenal but the originals Kick ass his dedication to his art and music come out every time he picks up a guitar and hes proud to share that experience with everyone he can

Jeff Vesek

Dude, you are awesome…one of the best muscians/guitar players I ever heard.

Robert Shober

You can’t go wrong with this guy. He’s a skilled musician and works hard to stay on top of his game. He’s an all around great guy. This is why I’ve known Jammie for 20+ years.

Tony R Santiago

been listening to this guy play guitar since i was like 12 or 13… im 34 now. cant believe he aint world famous yet!

Witte Kick

Being involved in it myself, I know the music industry can be rough and expensive. Even with that said, it blows my mind that something like this has to be made. I have no question in mind at all that backing Jamisun would be one of the best decisions someone with the opportunity could take. …

Matthew Wise

I started to take guitar lessons from JamiSun after playing guitar for a year. He taught me his phenomenal method of fretboard mastery and gave me the tools to start playing lead guitar and begin songwriting. To this day whenever I learn a new scale or lick I apply his method and it breaks any …

Dru DuPuis

I’ve had the pleasure of seeing JamiSun play on several occasions and truthfully, he is one of it not the best solo acts here in Charleston and perhaps in the region. It’s not just his talent but his professionalism, and how he handles the crowd. I’m an entertainer myself, and he makes me want to …