I have heard Jamisun play many different times and in many different settings. As a musician I can say I have always been impressed with his original music. He combines great sounds and lyrics in a very refreshing and original style that anyone can get into. In fact he has recorded albums in the past where he has played all the parts on all the different instruments by himself. There is no doubt that Jamisun is one of the most exeptionally talented musicians I have ever met, and you couldn’t pick a steadier more experienced musician to back.

Ramon Zabala

I must of seen Jamisun play over the past year no less than 20 times and not once was I bored. He has the ability to engage newcomers, on and off the mic, as well as keep people that have seen him before very interested. The consistency of his high quality shows never seems to loose its appeal, even after seeing him as much as I have.

Cody Bannevich

I feel like Jamisun is the sickest (good) person around with a guitar and some pedals! He could teach Keller Williams a trick or two on those things. I’ve never seen a more steady performance

Mak Allen

Jamisun,Is a great artist/performer and can captivate a crowd with his talent and infectious personality. His ability to jam on guitar and still deliver great vocals is very difficult while looping it is def. something to see. Listening to the passion he puts into all music is always fun to see and I have really been impressed with his new songs and am excited to hear them on a CD soon. He also helps connect people/musicians very well and selflessly which is tough to find in this business.

Matt MacKelcan

JamiSun is the most dedicated, humble, honest person I have ever met. He pours his whole heart into his music. Not only is he dedicated to his work, but he gives his time and energy to other musicians in the area as well. The passion he has for music is infectious. If you have seen/heard him play, you know what I mean. It is a huge honor to know him and to be able to call him my friend.

Stacy Jessen

Where to begin with Jamisun. He’s one one the finest musicians and entertainers I’ve ever met. He’s also very helpful in keeping the Charleston area music community alive. He’s helped me on several occasions and offered me direction when I first arrived in Charleston. Jamisun can work a crowd, but he also receives a lot of deserved respect.Love you Jamisun,

Kevin Church

I worked at one of the many spots Jamisun plays in Charleston and have seen him preform countless times. We always asked him to come back because of his ability to not only draw people in to the bar but also to keep people there. I can’t tell you how many times he has turned a not so busy day into a hoppin jam fest. He really gets the crowd into what he’s doing and we had a number of customers that became regulars only on the days that he was playing. I have written music for years and I as well as many others have always been very impressed by the creativity, talent and technical skills that he brings to every preformance. He not only has the energy and positivity to keep a crowd going, he also has the kind of imigination and know-how that it takes to produce a product in a studio that will sell. He’s definately got my vote of support. Rock steady bro!!

Bryant Newby

I’ve been playing with Jamisun now on and off for 3 years, and a great guitarist, one of the best in Charleston…but you already know that… what you may not know is that he’s also a great friend, and has been there for me when times got tough. I can’t give enough gratitude, or say enough praise…i love you like a brother….jefferson

Jefferson Coker

I had a wonderful time seeing you play last Saturday night at Center Point. You are very technically talented and creative. You have great presence and are very, VERY fun to watch! Keep up the good work and nice meeting you!!

Karen Burlingame

What to say about Jamisun. Not only has he been a great musician/guitarist in Charleston for the last several years, but also a good friend. Describing Jamisun playing guitar is like watching martial artists slapfight. All you see is a flurry of hands and fingers and then you get hit in the face by shredding facemelter of a riff
Will say also, Jamisun was a good friend as well! Let me record some acousitc demos at his house that I still have and had many beers together on Folly Beach! Moving to LA, after having seen some bands out here there is no doubt Jamisun could be at the top in years to come! You got a bro in LA when you get out here! Also, only person I have ever heard pull off a badass reggae version of ‘Nothing Else Matters’ by Metallica~

Rodney Smith

Jamisun is truly gifted songwriter who deserves every break he can get. I had the pleasure of being a part of his project for a time last year and look forward to working with him again. Nina Baldridge Fast Forward Management

Nina Baldridge

All I can say is…Where can I buy a CD from? Absolutely Amazing!!!

Debbie Kelley

Jamisun is one of the best talents Charleston has to offer… He can get even the most quiet crowd up on their feet and dancing (and singing!). He is a gifted songwriter and it is always a night to remember when he is performing. Some of my favorite memories of Charleston would not have been possible without his infectious energy and enthusiasm. When Jamisun performs, you can’t help but become a part of the experience – His lyrics are moving and his style is real.

Jenny Wellman Nussbaum

There is so much I could say, but I will keep this simple. Jamisun is amazing and truly talented. I have learned most of his orignals from Myspace because they are such fantastic songs. When I do decide to get married I will do anything in my power for Jamisun to perform at my wedding; that includes paying to fly him across the world. That is how much I believe in him as an artist. You are amazing my friend and I can’t wait to have a copy of your album!

Kelley Simpson

Jamisun is truly a wonderful musician and songwriter. My friends and I came to Charleston for a girl’s weekend, dropped in at Henry’s for a drink or two and stayed ALL night b/c we LOVE Jamisun’s music. He is a guy who truly enjoys his “art” and will succeed. We were amazed by his ability to sing every song we threw out at him (even if no Taylor Swift was sung) and cannot wait to go back and hear him again. Not only is he a talented musician but an awesome performer and one can be sure he will put on an amazing show wherever he goes! As Lindsay stated, we LOVE LOVE LOVE Facade which is an original. “… Just b/c there’s a smile on her face, doesn’t mean that everything’s ok. Just b/c she said she loves that song, doesn’t mean that she wants to sing along…” WE LOVE YOU JAMISUN!!

Mandy Todd Bailey

As an old server at the tsuanami in mt p i know that a large reason why we were so successful is because of the amazing performances Jamisun has put on week after week. He is a skilled musician with a healthy flow of followers and supporters. Good luck, and much love!

Traci Buckingham

Always excited to walk in and see Jamisun playing. Right away you know it’s going to be a great night and I’m going to be dancing. hahaha!! He puts on a great show and is one of the sweetest guys ever!

Christy Risher

A person would have to create a new word to be able to describe what it is to sit in on a Jamisun show…and even then I dont know that words would do this man justice. I have seen guitar players all over charleston…but Jamisun has unbelievable skill and a passion that has yet to be matched.. I am fairly new to the world and works of Jamisun, but I count myself blessed that I have had the opportunity to hear perfectionism at its finest. to let this one slip away would be a tragic mistake..

Heather Chambers Ball

I’ve been playing that show I recorded at Wet Willie’s for my homies up in VA. The votes are in, you’re a badass! Thanks for all of your kindness, you’re a great musician and an outstanding friend to have.

Shaun Tesla Dickerson

I still have your first demo CD from probably 10 years ago. It’s still one of my favorites to pop in. The sounds are so unique, nothing like I’ve heard before. I was immediate impressed by your writing talent, skill, as well as your love for what you do.

Michele Reneau

I’ve enjoyed Jamisun’s passion for songwriting and playing one mean guitar for close to 16-17 years and will always be a fan of his originals, Circumstance is my favorite if i had to pick one.

Ryan Morton

If there’s another guitarist in Charleston that plays with half the precision, speed, and (most importantly) passion that Jamisun does, I don’t know a thing about it. If you think the day and age of true guitar heroes is behind us, then you haven’t seen this guy perform. Rock on, dude.

Justin Mackie

I recently got the chance to experience Jamisun’s show and was thoroughly impressed. Was a big fan of the original material. The talent and passion are definately there

Sam Johnson

What can i say about a jamisun show its not just a guy and his guitar its an experience his covers are phenomenal but the originals Kick ass his dedication to his art and music come out every time he picks up a guitar and hes proud to share that experience with everyone he can

Sandy Laskey

Dude, you are awesome…one of the best muscians/guitar players I ever heard.

Jeff Vesek

You can’t go wrong with this guy. He’s a skilled musician and works hard to stay on top of his game. He’s an all around great guy. This is why I’ve known Jammie for 20+ years.

Robert Shober

been listening to this guy play guitar since i was like 12 or 13… im 34 now.

cant believe he aint world famous yet!

Tony R Santiago

Being involved in it myself, I know the music industry can be rough and expensive. Even with that said, it blows my mind that something like this has to be made. I have no question in mind at all that backing Jamisun would be one of the best decisions someone with the opportunity could take. His talent is unbelievable, i mean the the man is like a legend around here, and at the same time, there’s no one nicer and more humble. If anyone has any doubts of the mans skill, they’ve certainly never seen him do his job. He’s got great marketable music, but this isn’t the kind of stuff anyone and their brother could churn out. Jamisun can write a hell of a hook, and then the man can solo 8 minutes in ways that never get boring. Coming from a fellow musician, that’s something greatly envied upon. Again, go see the man the play a show. You won’t be disappointed.

Witte Kick

I started to take guitar lessons from JamiSun after playing guitar for a year. He taught me his phenomenal method of fretboard mastery and gave me the tools to start playing lead guitar and begin songwriting. To this day whenever I learn a new scale or lick I apply his method and it breaks any barriers that may be hindering my development as a musician. Our debut album is coming out in a few weeks, and you are in the thanks man. I still have the recording of the first solo I played when we jammed at your place. An amazing musician, teacher, and spirit. Much love.

Matthew Wise

I’ve had the pleasure of seeing JamiSun play on several occasions and truthfully, he is one of it not the best solo acts here in Charleston and perhaps in the region. It’s not just his talent but his professionalism, and how he handles the crowd. I’m an entertainer myself, and he makes me want to strive to be better at our craft and I don’t say that about anyone.

Dru DuPuis

I have seen this guy over a hunderd times, and i’ll go a hundred more. every show is different, but the one thing that stays the same is jamisuns’ commitment and dedication to the art. he is the hardest working musician in charleston. YOU NEVER LET ME DOWN BRO! ROCK ON MY BROTHER. HB

Kevin Fast

I have watched this guy play many times. Yea he can cover some cool songs but when he breaks into his original stuff it’s just nearly mind blowing. He knows exactly what he wants to hear and can play it in a way no one else can. Definitely has a style of his own. This is coming from a guitar player of 10 years. He deserves a shot in the biggest way and i wish him all the best. Peace.

Gregory Scott Hambright

I am a musician myself and I have the greatest respect for Jamisun, I have seen him once and was extremely impressed, more importantly, I play 5 nights a week and talk to people about live music all the time, I have NEVER heard anything but praises for Jamisun, everyone I talk to knows who he is, and how talented he is.

Jami Marcotte

Jamisun is AMAZING!!!! My friends and I have only had the opportunity to see him once so far. He just happened to be playing where we happened to show up one night, and because of him, we had one of the most fun and entertaining nights out EVER. He could play ANYTHING we wanted him to, and we are now the biggest fans you could ever imagine. Next time we are in Charleston, he is number one on our list of things/people to see!!!

Lindsay Tower

“Saw JamiSun on YouTube and Bounce Around Charleston, a local news station segment a couple of years ago. JamiSun combines memorable vocal melodys with clean, high energy accoustic guitar. You can hear the emotion in his playing. Very nice.

Paul Dechene

Jamisun has entertained and brought crowds out for nights of music that are incredibly fun and entertaining. His guitar skills amaze me and by the comments of other’s in the auience it’s pretty apparent that most others think. so as well!

Breezy Dobkowski

Jamie, I have known you my whole life. Through you playing music in Atlanta and around my while I grew up you led me to playing guitar as well and winning an international award. Your music is absolutely amazing. The way that you can hit the notes with precision and produce the amazing sounds that you do is incredible. I love that your music is still from the heart, it is a person trying to express something. I love the vibrancy of your shows when I get to see you.

Dwayne Thompson II

Jamisun, You are the most talented musician in the Charleston area.
We are so fortunate to have your level of talent rock us out in our local hangouts. You gunuine love for music shows every time you play.
Keep rockin your going to the TOP!!!

Tamara Roberts

What you do on the guitar is spectacular! I’d buy your CD in a heartbeat. You rock bro,

Lefty Williams

I love you cause when you sing “Simple Man” it literally brings tears to my eyes. It’s a very special song to me and I can always count on you to sing it for me!!!!! I love you and think you are AMAZING!!!

Jennifer Kelly Tai

Jamisun was the first musician that I played with when I moved to Charleston. I have 15 + years of recording, gigging,touring, and music biz experience. I continue to do gigs with him occasionally, & when I can, will go see him perform. He is one of the most dedicated and talented songwriters & performers that I have been fortunate enough to work with or see as a fan.

Bob Hack

I’ve been watching you jam, thrash, and rock from open mic nights to standing room only venues for over a decade. Since the late 90’s when I met you you’ve always been the center of the party once that Axe comes out. All of us non musical talented people love to come watch those fingers rip up the fretboard. I’m sure you can’t even count how many venues you have played at or even how many cities. We’ll hook up next time you come to Atlanta. Keep rockin and RIDE THE LIGHTNING.

Jebadiah Moulton

“Jamisun’s sound is a lot to comprehend. He is just one man with an acoustic guitar but at times he sounds like a full band with a guitar style that I feel is best described as a “gift”.

Shawn Price

“ There’s another guitarist in Charleston that plays with half the precision, speed, and (most importantly) passion that Jamisun does, I don’t know a thing about it. If you think the day and age of true guitar heroes is behind us, then you haven’t seen this guy perform.”

Justin Mackie

“One badass mofo with wicked guitar skills and a uniquely haunting yet soulful voice. I have had the pleasure of seeing many acoustic solo acts in my day, jamisun is in a class all by himself.”

Chuck Chastain Owner- Best Time Ever- Best Fest

All Around Awesome! My wife and I first met Jamisun on our house hunting trip in 2008, he was playing solo in downtown Charleston. The best one man show we have ever seen. He’s a awesome person and a fantastic musician. We have been fans ever since.”

Jeff Smith

JamiSun’s music and energy has been a part of my life for over the last 10 years. I have personally been touched as I have witnessed the unfolding of this musical talent, from an amazing guitarist to someone that knows how to speak directly to one’s Soul. As a live performer he has energy and charisma that is undeniable. He know s how to reach his crowd. I would buy a CD on a drop of a hat as well as recommend it. Good Luck JamiSun… your music needs to be out there, and there are people waiting to be touched by it. BIG LOVE TO YOU

Rafael Zabala

Hey man, I do not know if you will actually get this but I feel the need to tell you. I’m currently living in Costa Rica studying Spanish and then working on the river. I have been here about two months and I’m having an extremely hard time. I have lived a life filled with situations I wish I did not live through and things I should not have lived through, from my best friend committing suicide, to supporting myself sense age 15. My life if truly a miracle and every day I live is a blessing I am eternally grateful for. I’m a recovering alcoholic and Envision fest was my first sober festival, ever. I was over worked, home sick, and had not slept in three days when I was about to get fucked up and drop pills. That’s when I heard you playing in the distance. For some reason I walked away and sat at you’re show. I sat in the back and balled my eyes out the entire time. I do not know if it was the words you sang or just the pure raw beauty in the sounds you made with your guitar.”


In an industry crowded with pretentious, self-serving people, Jamisun is a breath of fresh air. Anyone that has seen him perform knows his unlimited talent and innovative thinking are boundless. But what people may not know is that he is one of the most genuine spirits not only in the industry but in the community. He is frequently giving of his time and talents and consistently opening the door for other local musicians who rely on this business for their livelyhood. If Jamisun is given a platform to be exposed to people nationally as he is here, he will no doubt achieve tremendous success for himself and all those who invest in him. Why? His talent is a given…but there are many talented musicians out there you say…what sets him apart is the most important asset in any entertainment profession…that asset is “Likeability”. He’s the kind of guy you root for and will do anything you can to help him succeed….buying his CD’s, faithfully attending his shows. I’m very proud of him!

Paul Nunez
Having JamiSun play at my venue is better than a full band for multiple reasons. His volume is always at a perfect level so that my guests can still hold conversations without having to scream across their tables. He has the same if not more energy than most bands that come as a three piece or more. He knows how to read the crowd and never plays the same set twice. One time he played for over 8 hours without taking a break and didn’t repeat one song. He knows more songs than anyone. Every song he plays is recognizable by the crowd and they all sing along. He has an ability to get them involved like no other. He’ll even stop in the middle of a song and let the audience finish the rest of the lines.
Eric Price- General Manager ‘Montreux Bar and Grille’

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