Well traveled and authentic artist JamiSun is experimental in multiple genres. Playing over 4000 shows since 2007. Holding the title for “Acoustic Guitar Throwdown Champion” in Charleston for three years in a row. JamiSun has shared the stage with Zac Brown, Edwin McCain, Nahko, Thievery Corporation, Steel Pulse, and many other well known acts. His festival experience at Jungle Jam, Yonder Fest, and Envision Festival for six years makes him no stranger to major audiences.

“GrAttitude” is all about everything that the title insists, through groovy and contagious melodies, JamiSun creates the perfect summer sizzle. The beachy tune fuses light-hearted and good vibes with an important and powerful message. JamiSun spread the message of changing your outlook and being grateful for everyday we have on this earth. He’s overwhelmed with “GrAttitude” and knows that the only way to change up his overall attitude is the change his outlook of life. We love the positivity and infectious vibe that JamiSun spreads through his music! The amazing and soulful music video features tropical beaches and vibrant happiness from people in all walks of life. JamiSun’s high energy performance is enough to change anyone’s mood.

Stream “GrAttitude” here and check out the spectacular new music video below!

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We love your new music video for “GrAttitude”. Where was the majority of it filmed?

Thank you! I had a lot of fun making it. The video was filmed in Santa Barbara, Venice Beach, and San Diego, California over 3 days. There is footage from Costa Rica in there as well.

What inspired this song?

So many things. Like a lot of others, I’ve had a some tough times, and it’s not as rough anymore. I’m happy to be on the better side of my years. I drew from the energy and experience of living in Costa Rica during the high season for seven years, and all the amazing people that became my family down there. The surfing, diving, swimming, festivals, and fellowship. The song pretty much wrote itself while I was down there playing shows up and down the coast. The hook came out of nowhere and it just caught on. Anytime I played it, the audience would always pick up on the melody and sing along by the end of the song. That’s when I knew it was a winner.

How did you get started in music? How old were you when you realized it was your passion?

I first wanted to play guitar when I was 7 but my dad bought me a really cheap unplayable acoustic and a Mel Bay book and sent me to my room. So, there was no real inspiration. Eventually, when I was 13 or 14 years old, I met this punk rocker named “Bubba” who showed me a power chord and a Metallica song called “The Small Hours” off of Garage Days Revisited and “Anarchy In The UK” which was a Sex Pistols song, I was hooked! I started getting into heavy fast guitar shred music from punk rock to Pantera and everything in between. Joe Satriani always blew my mind with his wide range of sound and I just loved heavy fast music in general. Metallica, Megadeth, Slayer, and Pantera were my main guitar influences. I couldn’t stand glam rock like Poison, Motley Crue, and other hair bands. They just didn’t have the sound I was looking for. When I was around 17 years old I started a band with some guys in the neighborhood and we used to play small venues around town. I knew it was what I wanted to do for the rest of my life.

From an artist’s standpoint, what do you think is the most visually appealing part in your music video for “GrAttitude”?

Troy did such a great job that I can’t easily answer that question. Any part that doesn’t have me in it. LOL. The extreme sports shots, the part where Troy is in there kicking it with the kids from Africa, the guy diving off the cliff. Man, there are so many great shots. I love the energy on Venice Beach, so any of the shots from there are right on time. Skydiving with my brother Jared. But most of all, the part where I was finally able to hand my brother the skateboard from when I broke his years ago. That was a sentimental part for me personally. I broke his Natas board back in the day and was finally able to return a new one to him. I built it from scratch as you can see in the video as well.

Who are your biggest musical influences?

Too many to list, but I’d have to say James Hetlfield, Dimebag Darrell, Joe Satriani, Rodrigo y Gabriela, Muse, John Mayer, Nahko and Medicine for the People, Trevor Hall, and Mike Love. The list is endless, but I can tell you that I just appreciate anyone who is trying to raise the vibration of the human race!

What’s next for you?

I’m working on my next single and shooting a new video. I am constantly traveling and performing all over the country for the largest art dealer in the world with my entertainment company. I am working on a guitar teaching method that will enable students to master their instrument blindfolded. It’s like kung fu for guitar. You can find it at www.fretfu.com. I am also working on my non-profit movementofmusic.org. I started this non-profit to inspire kids to pick up a music instruments instead of videogame controllers! You can always find out what I am up to on instagram @jamisunmusic or on my website at www.jamisun.com.

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