Venturing in Reggae, Rock, World Music, Country, and Pop. His scoring work for films has been recognized and compensated greatly for works in Europe and the UK.

Guitar Champion

He made his mark as one of Charleston’s premier musical acts and has been awarded “Guitar Champion" 3 years in a row. He gave away the prize on the last contest in order to honor another young talented artist that he felt needed to be recognized.

With over 20 years of dedication to the guitar and a deep love of music, his live shows are often like a radio station during “all-requests” hour. While he’s made a great living covering renowned artists like Johnny Cash, John Mayer, Nirvana, The Eagles, and Sublime, his original music is where he really shines. He spreads a message of self-love and gratitude and his energy is contagious.

More than just a musician, he is also the Entertainment Director for the largest art dealer in the world, serving VIP’s all over the country. Equipped with an extensive resume, JamiSun has made his living traveling the U.S., Europe, & Central America, playing over 4500 shows since 2007.

He’s worked with incredible producers like Rick Beato, John Avila, and Brad Cox.

JamiSun is also a great teacher and an inspirer of the youth. He has instructed many students and encouraged other artists to continue to write originals via the “Charleston Songwriters Guild” – a showcase for original artists that he founded in 2009.

JamiSun is the founder of a 501c3 called Muse 4 Change that inspires kids to pick up music instruments and put down video game controllers.
An important takeaway that encompasses JamiSun is not only his far-reaching and versatile musical ability, but his aura of encouragement, enlightenment, and positivity that infects everyone he encounters.

Check out his website for more information.