My first write up ever. In Lowcountry Underground Magazine

This month in the Music Corner I would like to tell you about and acoustic artist that you may have seen live before since he plays a minimum of five gigs per week around the Summerville/ Charleston area. His name is JamiSun and if you have not seen him you don’t know what you are missing. High energy, classical influenced, latin and blues infused acoustic rock and roll. Whoa that was a mouth full of words but JamiSun’s sound is a lot to comprehend. He is just one man with an acoustic guitar but at times he sounds like a full band with a guitar style that I feel is best described as a “gift”. I say it’s a “gift” because he does amazing things on guitar all while interacting with the crowd, greeting patrons as they come and go, ordering himself a drink, and having an obvious good time. He makes it look so easy and effortless. Fun is contagious, and looking around the room as JamiSun plays you can tell that everyone catches the good time feeling that radiates as he performs. Now lets talk about his voice, he has a great voice but it goes one step farther than that, it seems that when is sings a cover tune he really does the original singer justice. Whether it is Johnny Cash or U2, JamiSun hits on the finer nuances of the original singer’s voice. In simpler terms, when you request your favorite song and JamiSun play and sings it, he does it right. With a song list of over three hundred songs, it is a safe bet that JamiSun will know your favorite song.

JamiSun is a true local being born and raised in Summerville. He first picked up the guitar at age 14, he stated that first time was all it took, he knew this was what he was meant to do. By age 17 he was playing gigs with his first band and by 2007 he was supporting himself solely with his music. His early influences were in the heavy metal, hard rock genres that require a high level of musicianship to perform properly. His natural “gift” plus years of hard work and practice have definitely paid off. Some artist with this much talent come with an big ego, not JamiSun, he truly seems to be a friendly, down to earth guy. In talking with him he expressed how lucky and grateful he felt to be doing what he loved. JamiSun stated that he got most of his gigs by word of mouth. This is easy to believe, because as I watched him performed, and as spoke with him, I could not think of one negative thing to say . He is great at what his does, and he does it with a great attitude.

JamiSun is not just a cover tune guy, he is a fine songwriter with plenty of original material that he mixes in with all of the covers. With great guitar work, strong melodies, and lyrics that draw you in, JamiSun’s self penned songs stand up in quality next to some of the standard classic covers that he plays. Sometimes it’s hard for a performer to present and original song between hit songs that the crowd know and love, but not so for JamiSun, his songs are just that good. He has not released a CD as of yet, but when he does I’ll be the first in line to buy my copy. JamiSun is definitely an inspiration, this much talent right in our own local area, people, I love the Lowcountry!!! Get out there, support and enjoyed the wealth of local talent the Lowcountry has to offer.

Take my advice and check JamiSun out. Go to to hear some tunes, but remember the best way to experience a talent like JamiSun is live and in person. Trust me you won’t regret it. Talk to you all next time and I hope to see you out, you can’t always live life on the couch, Get Up An Do Something!!!