Beware! Unpopular statement coming up. I don’t think You Tube should allow people to post full albums of people’s copyrighted material. You Tube and other free music sites like it are what’s killing the music biz. Of course I’m a professional musician and yes, it affects me. I work hard on my craft and for someone to just be able to pull it up on a free site is like being a organic whole food smoothie shop that gives away all of it’s profits. Yes, it’s serving the community but it’s impossible to sustain. I know I sound like Lars Ulrich, but man, the dream is dwindling as I listen to Eric Johnson’s entire album for free on, you guessed it, You Tube. I do own the album though, so no, it’s not hypocritical. At least not this time.

New endorsement

JamiSun is now a proud endorser of Breedlove guitars. The inspiration came from Molly Durnin. She’s an amazing artists that lives here in Charleston now and gave me the inspiration to check out Breedlove. Great guitars and a great company.

When enough is too much

I grew up with pretty much the basic essentials. My family didn’t starve, but when it came to luxuries, there weren’t many. My dad was a stingy cheap bastard and didn’t like to spend anything on his family unless it was a necessity. My story isn’t unique, it’s just the way it was.

So, when I was old enough and could support myself, I bought everything I could because I wanted to spoil myself. I play guitar, so I bought myself lots of guitars. I love playing and recording music, and making videos, so I bought every newest up to date piece of gear I could because I loved being able to do it. I loved having things. I collected things. Guitars, amps, clothes, DVDs video games, CDs, just anything that I wanted and liked. I eventually realized that after  a while, I didn’t really need any of it. And after the luster of owning the shiny thing wore off, I’d go look for another new thing to want and buy.

I was just addicted to buying things. Being a consumer. Shopping in general. The rush of seeing, wanting, then owning. Did it make me any happier? Not really. It was almost like it was merely for bragging rights. I had friends when I was growing up that had parents that spoiled them and gave them whatever they wanted. I was so envious of them. So, when I was old enough and had the means, I figured I would see what it was like to live the good life.

Going back to my dad. He was a cheap bastard, however he would always say the same thing. “You’ll get that, and then in a few days, you’ll be tired of it”. He was right. You can buy a brand new car with all the bells and whistles, and eventually it’ll be outdated, and/or it’ll just be your car after that new car smell wears off. I bought as much stuff as I could ever want. I even went into debt for it. Which I eventually got out of after years of credit card payments, yet, still, there was an emptiness inside that I couldn’t put my finger on. I couldn’t buy happiness.

I’ve been to Costa Rica which is a “third world country”, but the reality is, the people there are the richest in the world. The have everything they need and more, and yet they live in “poverty”. I never realized how much I didn’t need until I went to a poor country. It’s an amazing thing to experience.  I look at my house when I return from there and I immediately want to send everything to Goodwill.

I  guess the moral of this blog is that if I can look at the things that I already have that I didn’t have before, I can make an inventory of the things I really do need and get rid of or sell the rest because it’s basically clutter. If I can beat the consumer bug and not feel a need to keep purchasing new things all the time and be grateful for what I already have, I can get out of debt, and stay out. Because things don’t make me happy. Doing things with what I already have does. And sharing those things with my friends and family is the most important part. It’s no good to have anything if you can’t share it with someone. Even with a stranger. This life is meant to be experienced with others, and if I spend all my time working to buy more stuff, I won’t have any time to spend with my nephews and nieces, and all of my friends and family and the next thing I know, I’ll be too old and they’ll all be grown up.

So, on that note, I vow to take what I already have and find out what is really useful and important, and what I can sell the rest. Then share the RC cars, the extra guitars, and the 3D home theatre I have with my family instead of looking to go buy the newest video game console. I already have so much, I really don’t any more. Enough was too much. It’s time to be thankful for what I already have and use the current technology at this level to make music, or have fun with. Because having the news console isn’t always better. Not to mention, every time something new comes out, it’s full of bugs anyway. I’ll stick with the old OS…




JamiSun is a proud endorser of RainSong Guitars, Godin Guitars, Seagull Guitars, Clayton Picks, and Bomber floatable eyewear. Currently in the studio recording and re- recording and refining material for his latest release. Title TBA. Stay tuned and thank you all for your undying support.

Pura Vida Tour 2014-2015


I’m currently on tour in Costa Rica. It’s not my first time here, but every time I come, I try to branch out to new territories and build relationships with the great people that live here. This is a much needed change of pace for me. I’ve spent the last seven months in Charleston, SC playing almost everyday of the summer. I rarely had any days off and I took a beating. It’s not an easy job, even though it may appear to be. I do love it though and am very fortunate to get to play with some great musicians. But now that the season is winding down, it’s time to move to new territory and share my original music with some fresh ears in Costa Rica in the many surf towns and festivals like Envision. I’ll be traveling from Panama to Nicaragua and hitting every stop along the way. I look forward to reuniting with some old friends an making new ones. If you live in Costa Rica, contact me on FB at FB/jamisunmusic and let me know where you are so I can some see you.

Pura Vida

JamiSun Pick of the Week – Clayton USA

Sept. 1st, 2010

This week we have a full color sun graphic on our Acetal Rounded Triangle picks. Very cool!  This was created by JamiSun, who is a Charleston guitarist/singer/songwriter.  He is pretty much booked with gigs everyday in his area, which is very impressive. His styles range from John Mayer to Pantera.  He has a great website at:
So make sure to check it out. Also if you live in the Charleston area, check out his schedule so you can go listen to his amazing music!
Full article here

My first write up ever. In Lowcountry Underground Magazine

This month in the Music Corner I would like to tell you about and acoustic artist that you may have seen live before since he plays a minimum of five gigs per week around the Summerville/ Charleston area. His name is JamiSun and if you have not seen him you don’t know what you are missing. High energy, classical influenced, latin and blues infused acoustic rock and roll. Whoa that was a mouth full of words but JamiSun’s sound is a lot to comprehend. He is just one man with an acoustic guitar but at times he sounds like a full band with a guitar style that I feel is best described as a “gift”. I say it’s a “gift” because he does amazing things on guitar all while interacting with the crowd, greeting patrons as they come and go, ordering himself a drink, and having an obvious good time. He makes it look so easy and effortless. Fun is contagious, and looking around the room as JamiSun plays you can tell that everyone catches the good time feeling that radiates as he performs. Now lets talk about his voice, he has a great voice but it goes one step farther than that, it seems that when is sings a cover tune he really does the original singer justice. Whether it is Johnny Cash or U2, JamiSun hits on the finer nuances of the original singer’s voice. In simpler terms, when you request your favorite song and JamiSun play and sings it, he does it right. With a song list of over three hundred songs, it is a safe bet that JamiSun will know your favorite song.

JamiSun is a true local being born and raised in Summerville. He first picked up the guitar at age 14, he stated that first time was all it took, he knew this was what he was meant to do. By age 17 he was playing gigs with his first band and by 2007 he was supporting himself solely with his music. His early influences were in the heavy metal, hard rock genres that require a high level of musicianship to perform properly. His natural “gift” plus years of hard work and practice have definitely paid off. Some artist with this much talent come with an big ego, not JamiSun, he truly seems to be a friendly, down to earth guy. In talking with him he expressed how lucky and grateful he felt to be doing what he loved. JamiSun stated that he got most of his gigs by word of mouth. This is easy to believe, because as I watched him performed, and as spoke with him, I could not think of one negative thing to say . He is great at what his does, and he does it with a great attitude.

JamiSun is not just a cover tune guy, he is a fine songwriter with plenty of original material that he mixes in with all of the covers. With great guitar work, strong melodies, and lyrics that draw you in, JamiSun’s self penned songs stand up in quality next to some of the standard classic covers that he plays. Sometimes it’s hard for a performer to present and original song between hit songs that the crowd know and love, but not so for JamiSun, his songs are just that good. He has not released a CD as of yet, but when he does I’ll be the first in line to buy my copy. JamiSun is definitely an inspiration, this much talent right in our own local area, people, I love the Lowcountry!!! Get out there, support and enjoyed the wealth of local talent the Lowcountry has to offer.

Take my advice and check JamiSun out. Go to to hear some tunes, but remember the best way to experience a talent like JamiSun is live and in person. Trust me you won’t regret it. Talk to you all next time and I hope to see you out, you can’t always live life on the couch, Get Up An Do Something!!!