“The reality is, I rely on tips, donations, and music sales to survive as an artist. If you really appreciate what I do, I would greatly appreciate you as a supporter when you purchase my music or make a donation. This is my life and I put everything I have into it. I’m very grateful and I can’t thank you enough for even checking out my website." - JamiSun

About Jamisun

Awarded Charleston’s Best Acoustic Guitar Player 3 years in a row and with over 340 shows a year since 2007, it’s safe to say, JamiSun is one of the hardest working musicians around. His cover song list exceeds 300 songs easily and ranges from Johnny Cash to Metallica, with a little John Mayer, Jason Mraz, and Tom Petty sprinkled in there. His three piece band “The JamiSun Tr3o” has the energy of most four and five piece acts with a set list that covers everything from Oasis and Zac Brown to Rage Against The Machine, Green Day, and The Foo Fighters. His voice is extremely versatile and he has an ability to sound a lot like the artists that he is covering. Read More